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Spire Play Report: An Ordinary Lantern Session 2

Nix and Ishalle encountered two drow guards patrolling Ivory Row. One of the guards was thin and wiry, the other was solidly built. The guards asked them why they were out after curfew, and demanded payment to avoid a beating.

Nix paid using a fake coin that inspires insatiable greed in whoever touches it, leading the guards (against the wiry one’s protests re: abandoning their posts) down to lower districts of the Spire to shake down taverns for protection money.

The entire group met up in the train station to interrogate Steryn, the drow lover of Adolise Verne. They told him to make sure Adolise abandons what she’s doing, and that she knows what they’re talking about. Styrene was confused but extremely scared, and ran off after promising to do that very thing.

The band of revolutionaries headed downspire towards Derelictus, where they sought an ordinary orange lantern. Along the way, they stopped in PIlgrim’s Walk, where they met George, a human wearing the symbols of dozens of different gods. He asked them for money to buy a drink, and they agreed, in exchange for hearing his tale. Inshalle, however, realized that this was a prime setup for a trap, and staid outside, looking nervously for an ambush.

George told the party of how he had kicked a ball into the mirror manufactury in the works, destroying dozens of mirrors all at once, and has been fighting off bad luck ever since. Woe is him! While this is going on, Inshalle notices two familiar shapes walking towards the bar, one tall and one sturdy. He shouts, but no one is listening, and begins to attack.

The guards called for help, “Guards are under attack!” but the only response was someone in a nearby apartment yelling “It’s about time!” and closing their window. Soon the entire pub got involved, and the skinny guard was chased away by a hyena, while the larger one was killed and hidden in a manhole. Nix patted him down first, finding all of the coin that had been taken from him, and from the rest of the bars the guard had shaken down that evening.

Back inside the tavern, the revolutionaries stopped for a quick drink, paid their tab, and continued their trek to Derelicuts, ignoring the many orange lanterns that hung outside the tavern and throughout Pilgrim’s Walk.

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